Talk at GitOpsCon Europe 2023

Two of our authors were present at GitOpsCon Europe 2023 . Baris and Josia were very happy to have their CFP submission accepted!

We gave a talk called “Build Your Own GitOps Operator for Kubernetes and Beyond”. Once our book comes out, you’ll easily recognize the content of the last chapter of the book about GitOps outside the familiar Kubernetes realm 😉.

You can watch our full talk on YouTube:

You can also find the Sched entry online , which includes the presentation slides.

CNCF published some interesting statistics about the event:

  • The majority of participants (24 %) were from Germany.
  • This was particularly pleasing for us: Our presentation was among the top three most popular sessions 🤗!

Hopefully each of you learned something about GitOps that you can apply in your everyday projects! Feel free to comment on the video if you have any questions, or reach out to us via our socials.

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